Hotels in Italy for the Small Family
Gli Hotel Italiani per le small Family

Excellence for Small Family

Not just packets addressed to families and offers traditional accommodation but also tailored to the Small Family! They are the Small Family, single parents, new types of families. In Italy, as in the world, more and more single parents, in fact, that they decided or were left to manage the relationship with their children without the full support of partners, and it is them how want to ensure that it will be a holiday excellent!

In Small Family Hotels, if you are a single parent, you will find a peaceful and quiet environment with many opportunities for recreation, especially for your kids, thanks to the many theme parks, sports facilities and events that enliven the city 365 days a year. It is not easy to satisfy the needs of children, but here, the Green Pearl, thanks to the beach, play areas and many amusement parks will not disappoint the expectations of your children and you'll always know what to do!

Promhotels Hoteliers Association, then, are on the side of single parents with targeted services for hotels and discounts for rooms with just one adult, be able offer you a vacation where you can also cut the space out for yourself, thanks to the service entertainment and baby sitter at the hotel. In this context, the tourism and hospitality is not entitled to ignore it but it fits the needs and tries to offer the best, single parents to spend the holidays with many facilities and a few thoughts, as well as plenty of opportunities to socialize!

In fact now there is a revolution. No longer or not only better, services to families but also many traditional comfort of Excellence for Small Family, families where love is the same and also the pleasure of the holiday .... With a single word: feel good together!